Crucial System Files That Can Be Leveraged by Threat Actors(Unexplored LOLBIN)

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  • ‘C:\Windows\System32’
  • ‘C:\Windows\SysWow64’


TTTracer.exe is a tool introduced in Windows 10 that offers capabilities for executing and dumping processes.

Potential Threats from TTTracer.exe:

1. Credential Dumping:

  • Threat: Dumping memory from the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (`lsass.exe`).
  • Risk: Extracting hashed user credentials using specialized tools. Requires administrator privileges.

2. Process Manipulation:

  • Threat: Manipulating other running processes.
  • Risk: Altering process behavior or injecting malicious code. Requires a deep understanding of the targeted process and its memory layout.

Examples of Usage:



By understanding the capabilities and potential threats associated with you can better protect your systems from misuse by threat actors. Stay vigilant and ensure robust security measures are in place to monitor and control the usage of these powerful system tools.

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