Bad Rabbit: New kid on the Ransomware block

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A new kid on the ransomware block has been causing ruckus for Russia,Turkey, Ukraine and Germany.

Having a similar footprint as that of the WannaCry and Pentya ransomware ,which caused chaos throughout the globe earlier, this ransomware has  spread through hacked websites of Russian media organisations.

As commented by  Kaspersky “Based on our investigation, this is a targeted attack against corporate networks, using methods similar to those used in the ExPetr attack, However, we cannot confirm it is related to ExPetr.”

The hacker have been demanding 0.05 bitcoin for providing the decryption key and this price will go up in the near future according to the front page of the ransomware. The security experts are encouraging people not to pay this ransom as this will encourage hacker to make more ransomware in the coming future and there is no guarantee that they will keep their word and provide with decryption key.

Currently from the kaspersky data Interfax and Fontanka in Russia have both been hit by a cyber attack, as have Odessa Airport and the Kiev Metro in Ukraine.



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