Digital Forensic Interview Question

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  1. What is MBR.
  2. What is VBR.
  3. Differnce between data carving and recovery.
  4. Data carving in SSD is possible or not , please define reason as well.
  5. Bootloaders.
  6. Types of Bootloader.
  7. What is POST(Power on self test).
  8. Some times they may ask about Bootprocess.
  9. Differnce between IP4 and IPv6.
  10. I have a 16GB USB drive with FAT32 file system, i am not able to copy 6 GB file , why ?
  11. Types of connectors.
  12. SATA and SCSI differnce.
  13. RAID drives and their Imaging.
  14. EDRM model.
  15. Difference between DD and E01.
  16. Types encryption techniques.
  17. Which Hashing mechanism used in Encase and FTK ?
  18. What is MD5 ?
  19. Difference between SHA and MD5.
  20. What is Boot sector ?
  21. Explain Bootstrapping ?
  22. Which is better SHA or MD5 and why ?
  23. Maximum size of a sector(512 bytes)
  24. minimum size of sector(64 bytes)
  25. How much maximum HDD size can be supported by MBR(2 TB) ?
  26. What is GPT ?
  27. Maximum size supported by GPT.
  28. Which file system is used by Unix OS(Unix finle system).
  29. Maximum file size supported by Unix file system.
  30. Difference between encase and FTK.
  31. Write blockers.
  32. **if you claim that you know mobile forensic then remember about tools and techniques.
  33. Which toughest forensic challenge you came across so far.
  34. What is name of windows boot loader ?
  35. Which version of encase or FTK you have been used ?
  36. DD command syntax.
  37. If you claim that you are expert in DISK or mobile or network, application or database forensic, then interviewer may ask
    What are the potential artifacts found DISK or mobile or network or application or database
  38. FDISK or DISKPART command in cmd.
  39. Types of Hard Drive(ATA,SATA,SCSI,SSD).
  40. What is Difference between SATA and SSD ?
  41. Difference between SCSI and SATA ?

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